Fallout Pick-R-Up 1:18th Scale Vehicle Prop Replica

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Hard at work in the pre-war world, the Pick-R-Up was the mainstay of the hardworking tradesfolk who relied on its rugged construction to get them through their working day without ever missing a beat. The muscular V8 diesel-fusion engine, instantly recognisable by its powerful throaty rumble, lent credibility to the well-known Chryslus Pick-R-Up advertising catchphrase, “Ain’t No Load She Can’t Haul”. This highly detailed and accurate replica, larger in size and weight than the Fusion Flea, was chosen by Chryslus to be awarded to loyal Chryslus staff who had worked at the company for five years. As you hold this superb piece of history in your hand you can get some idea of the satisfaction and pride the engineers who created it must have felt every time they pulled into a garage or passed a building site and saw it parked, waiting to go to work.

The Pick-R-Up was launched in two classic versions, the standard Cherry Red metallic body, and the golden yellow metallic, Red Rocket service vehicle livery. Either would make an excellent addition to your collection, perfectly complementing the Fusion Flea.

Metallic Paint:The lustrous deeply glossy, cherry red metallic paint (standard edition) or golden yellow metallic paint (Limited Edition, Red Rocket version)

Chromium plated: Light cowls and front fender, door handles, door mirrors, and footplates, mix matt and reflective chrome finishes for a realistic effect

Die-cast: The all-metal body gives this Pick-R-Up some real heft

Collectible accessories: 5 Years Service enamel pin, (complements 2 Years Service pin), postcard and for the limited edition a Garage Receipt and a Certificate of Authenticity

Opening doors: Inner detail of cockpit revealed, tailgate also lowers

Opening engine hood: Engine lights up with nuclear glow when hood is opened

Removable nuclear core: Glow-in-the-dark removable engine core – glows green when ‘charged’ by bright light


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